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Our team offers bespoke end-to-end game development outsourcing services. We gathered game industry veterans to create top-notch titles for mobile and desktop devices, consoles and wearables.
Game Development


We offer top notch A to Z game development services for multiple platforms ranging from mobile and web to desktop and consoles. Our team successfully completed dozens of projects from casual titles to MOBA games with complex mechanics.

Our team contributed to a few AAA desktop MMO games, working on important game mechanics, modelling and animations. Over the last few months we have been working on the next big MOBA video game from scratch, relying exclusively on in-house game designers, artists, developers and animators. We are primed and ready to create a blockbuster for you.
The console games market is less saturated than PC and mobile ones, which opens opportunities for video game projects with rather limited marketing budgets. Our game development team knows how to design eye-catching titles tailored that shine on consoles, in particular but not limited to platformers, racing and fighting games.
Argentics has solid hands-on experience creating PC games from casual platformers to VR-flavoured action titles for Steam. Personal Computers remain the major platform for video games, especially competitive MMO projects. On a regular basis we refine our game development skills to offer you unparalleled services.
Mobile games account for over a half of video games revenue worldwide. Argentics team offers top-notch full-cycle development services for iOS and Android devices. Our game artists and developers have vast hands-on experience creating engaging mobile applications. We will accompany you through the entire game creation process.
Requiring little time investments and skills to play, casual games appeal to millions of players. Despite having simple mechanics and non-sophisticated visuals, it’s often a challenge to create a successful casual game title. Our producers, artists and developers have created numerous such titles and know the tricks to make your game a hit.
It takes some creativity to make a game with little to no storytelling and ultra simple mechanics fun to play. Be it a runner or a puzzle game, small details always make the difference. We pay attention to art and mechanics nuances to make even simple applications enjoyable.
Unity has remained the most popular game engine over the recent years. Our game development team has successfully used it to create both simple cartoony games for iOS and android and stylized AAA titles for PC. We can turn your ideas into top drawing video games played on various platforms by millions of people all over the world.
UE4 and recently UE5 has a lot to offer in terms of unparalleled visuals. If your goal is to create a video game with stunning graphics, Unreal Engine is the way to go. Argentics has a crew of veteran UE Engineers with vast hands-on experience working on conspicuous titles from intense PC action games to VR-powered space quests.


We are emotionally invested in every project that we make. This fundamental principle along with our vast experience in developing games has allowed us to release dozens of successful titles for our Clients from all around the world.

Game development is art and every game title is unique in its own way. We make sure that the projects we work on are both distinctive and follow top trends of a given genre. Rest assured that your game app will stand out and be enjoyed by millions of users from different continents.



Argentics is interested in its Client’s success on the game market. We are proactive and act in your best interest from the very first minutes of our cooperation. Our team invests time in analyzing game concepts, mechanics, target audience, art style etc. - all to make sure that your title will be a financial success.


Our team is made of accomplished game industry experts, from game designers and concept artists to tech leads and project managers. We’ve worked both on casual mobile apps and AAA RPGs. We know how to do it right, whether you need a simple browser social game or a sophisticated competitive RTS for PC.


Depending on your specific needs, Argentics offers the following types of engagement.
Argentics offers full-cycle development services that cover all the stages of creating a game including but not limited to preparing a game design document and concept art, 2D and 3D modelling and animation, coding and post-release maintenance. This engagement model is the way to go if you lack previous game development experience or if your entire team is swamped with other tasks, and want us to be fully responsible for the development of the entire project. Rest assured that we will create a trendy and industry-leading project enjoyed by players all over the globe for you.
If you have an in-house team that can cover some pieces of the game development project but you still need a hand with coding or 3D animation, or creating a multiplayer, Argentics team got you covered. On multiple occasions our team contributed to creating renown game titles, from designing game logic for addictive mobile simulators to creating 3D assets for AAA titles. We’ve successfully cooperated with teams from different continents for years. So our video game development teams know how to work in a semi-autonomous mode, and yet remain in perfect synchronicity with their remote peers.
In case you need to augment your in-house game development team, Argentics experts are at your service. We are ready to offer you dedicated concepts, 2D and 3D artists and animators, Unity and Unreal Engine developers, technical artists and game designers etc. It’s up to your discretion if you want to manage the dedicated team exclusively on your own or if you’d rather also have a PM supervising the work on our end. No matter what you choose, Argentics is always open to long-term mutually beneficial partnership. We’ll tailor a dedicated team to meet your very specific needs.


Creating a video game from scratch normally requires a team of seasoned professionals.
It’s a person with vast game development and gaming experience who observes the most trendy styles and game mechanics, and conveys them during both ideation and development stages. Argentics offers services of seasoned game designers who make sure that the games we make always hit the nail and are addictive.



Depending on the size of a project, this person handles the entire team or sub-groups of professionals, ensuring that every teammate is on the same page and in line with our Clients’ vision and goals. Our veteran project managers are responsible for transparent communication and seamless and on-time delivery of video game titles.


Large scale projects often require a producer whose role is to constantly align Client’s needs with industry trends and best practices, and with the key team members who work on the game. A protean producer conveys a holistic artistic vision to the game development team, thus ensuring the right direction for the entire project.


Art leads are veterans who are responsible for artistic integrity within the scope of a game project. Often they lay the foundation for the other artists and mentor them throughout the entire game development process. Our accomplished art leads ensure that concept, 2D and 3D artists and modellers keep in mind the big picture and follow the best practices to deliver the finest pieces of art.


This role addresses gaps between art team and developers. Tech leads make sure that art looks, moves and feels nice inside a selected game engine. This often involves initiating and managing brainstorming sessions between creative modelers and animators on one hand and methodical game engineers on the other. Normally tech leads are responsible for lighting, shaders and implementing various visual effects and animations.


Concept artists are always on the forefront of the majority of art-related tasks. Whether you need to create a draft of your joyful 2D protagonist or sketches of a grisly forest, these experts come into play. Some of them excel at drawing concepts of characters while the others favour environments or items. We have a handful of industry veterans who would convey your vision in the most timely manner.

# 2D or 3D ARTIST

Argentics offers the services of top 2D and 3D artists who design holistic and captivating game worlds. Our extensive art team is comfortable working on games of various genres and styles for all major platforms. We will assemble the right crew to work on your crisp racing game or dark RTS, be those games for mobiles, desktop devices or consoles.


Animators bring game worlds to life, just as simple as that. Their art reveals itself in small details. The way a game character walks or aims, shows emotions or casts a spell could be a cherry on the cake. Our competent animators are responsible for creating poetry in motion that adds extra flavour to game experience.


Argentics skillful experts translate creative game vision into lines of well structured code. Seamless game mechanics, optimized multiplayer performance and sharp AI adversaries are just a few of many areas our Unity and Unreal engineers are responsible for. We adhere to the principles of Agile development and clean code to ensure unparalleled and addictive user experience.
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